Second Life ExternalEditor

OK, this post has nothing to do with developing for Apple devices. Instead it’s about using an external editor with Second Life text objects such as Notecards and Scripts.

Here’s what Linden Lab says:

Opening scripts in another editor directly from the viewer:

As the description tells you, enter 3 params:

  • Path to editor (enclose in quotes, if path has spaces).
  • Optional command line params (you can ignore these if you like).
  • "%s" will paste script path automatically (dont change this).

Here’s what you really put into the setting value:


/usr/bin/open -a bbedit "%s"

I tried other text and it failed:

/usr/local/bin/bbedit "%s"

This is dumb. What the heck? Then, one Second Life JIRA hinted me:

/usr/bin/open "%s"

That opened the file in Apple’s own TextEdit! Close, but no cigar. The man page for open said -a might work so I tried it.

What’s extra nice is you can keep the document open and keep re-saving it. When I sigure out how to to keep versions backed up with each save I’ll add that here.