Words That Matter

Larks and Robins (or Ravens): Younger crowds, safer dances

Do you think your dancers are ready for an evening of dancing with the role names Larks and Robins? Here are some considerations for choosing this pair of terms which are growing popular:

  • Younger dancers are drawn to dances that advertise these non-traditional terms.
  • The environment seems safer when any gender can dance either role. Safe from harassment, safe from manhandling, and generally more welcoming. The terms can set the tone of equality.
  • Of course everyone may dance only in the role they feel comfortable with. No one needs to switch roles. All dance with the person coming at them, and that’s become much more commonly expected.
  • There will be more participation and fewer dancers sitting out for want of a partner. 
  • Advertise it as a one-time experiment and see how people (dis)like it.
  • Larks and Robins is a new alternative, that sounds a bit better to many ears.

Please note this is only my suggestion. I am as pleased to call using Ladies and Gents. 

Note that I cannot use the term gypsy, and will use right/left shoulder around, or a reasonable substitute of your choice, if requested in advance. If you have other language requests, please make them in your initial contact.