Allemande Safety

Callers, please teach the safe allemande holds. Simply put it is this:

An allemande is a palm-to-palm hold, with your elbows bent. Your joined arms should look like a symmetric “W”. You are gently sharing your weight with the other person.

You must join palms, not wrists. You might aggravate or even trigger carpal tunnel pain by pressuring the median nerve which is right at the wrist’s inside surface. If someone tries to use the wrist connection, protect yourself and by letting your arm go limp.


Avoid bending your wrist, particularly as people with smaller wrists cannot bear the angular force with a bent wrist. The best hand hold is where the wrist is straight, palms connected, fingers around the other person’s thumb. It is not important to interlock thumbs; this is a personal preference. 

The bottom line is to dance gently, empathetically, and don’t take or leave DNA. Do these things and you’ll get asked to dance more often.