I am Bob Peterson and I call contra dances. I’m based in Billerica, Massachusetts, USA. I’ve been calling full evening programs since 2016, and many guest and hour slots since before that. I’ve been a contra dancer since 1999, and a modern square dancer (not a caller) since 2002. I am based in New England in Billerica, Massachusetts.

I like to call gender role free (such as larks/ravens) but I am just at home with traditional roles. 

If desired (and no band is hired) one of my specialties is calling to multi-genre music Ive mixed into contra format. My genres include Bollywood, 80s pop, classic rock, alternative, techno, and musicals/showtunes. 

To book me, or for more information, use one of the contact methods in the sidebar. References on request. 


Bob is a contra dance caller from the northeast Boston suburbs. Though relatively new to this side of the mic, he’d been an active contra dancer since 1999 and dance community organizer since 2011. He loves to make dance evenings accessable for new dancers but still fun for experienced dancers. His recorded contra mixes span a variety of fun and funny styles, with a repertoire from easy to challenging. You may book him via

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Schedule: 2018

  • February, March: not available 
  • 24 March 2018: Boston Gay and Lesbian Contra Dancers (Boston, MA)
  • 13-15 April 2018: Queer Contra Dance Camp (Aptos, CA) — contra mixes for pop contra session
  • April 13-May 6: not available

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Past Gigs


  • 21 January: Sunday Night Jammers (Rehoboth, MA)
  • 23 January: MIT Contra Dance (Cambridge, MA)


  • December 2: Rainbow Contra Dance (Montague, MA)
  • October 20-22: Pop/Techno contra at LCFD Dance Camp (Becket, MA)
  • August 26: Wareham Contra (Onset, MA)
  • April 8: Rainbow Contra Dance (Montague, MA)


  • December 31: Pop/Techno contra at Boston Gay and Lesbian Contra Dancers (Boston, MA)
  • November 19: Rainbow Contra Dance (Montague, MA)
  • October 14-16: Pop/Techno contra at LCFD Dance Camp (Becket, MA)
  • April 30: Rainbow Contra Dance (Montague, MA)